Botox & Dysport

Our Botox and Dysport treatments effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a smoother and more youthful look. These minimally invasive injections work by relaxing specific facial muscles, resulting in a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an excellent option for restoring volume and addressing age-related volume loss in the face. Our skilled providers use FDA-approved fillers to soften wrinkles, plump lips, and enhance facial contours, helping you achieve a more youthful and revitalized appearance.


Kybella is a non-surgical treatment specifically designed to reduce submental fullness, commonly known as a “double chin.” Using a series of injections, Kybella permanently destroys fat cells in the treatment area, providing a more defined and contoured jawline.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy

PRP therapy utilizes the healing properties of your own blood to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate your skin. By extracting and isolating platelet-rich plasma, we can create a concentrated serum that is then injected into targeted areas, promoting tissue regeneration and improving skin texture and tone.
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At Sunshine Medical Wellness Center, we take pride in offering exceptional primary care services to patients of all ages, ranging from newborns to the geriatric population.

At Sunshine Medical Wellness Center, we understand that looking and feeling good go hand in hand with overall wellness. Our aesthetic services are designed to help you achieve natural-looking results while maintaining your health and well-being. We take a personalized approach, considering your unique facial anatomy and goals, to ensure you achieve the best possible outcomes. Trust our experienced team to deliver exceptional aesthetic treatments and help you enhance your natural beauty.