Newborn to Geriatric Care

We provide comprehensive healthcare for individuals across the lifespan. From newborns requiring specialized care to geriatric patients with age-related health concerns, our experienced healthcare providers are well-equipped to address a wide range of medical needs.

Chronic Conditions Specializing in Hypertension and Diabetes

Our team has expertise in managing chronic conditions, with a particular focus on hypertension and diabetes. We work closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans, monitor their condition, and provide ongoing support to help them achieve optimal health and well-being.

Annual Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams play a vital role in preventive care. Our healthcare providers conduct thorough assessments to evaluate overall health, detect any potential health risks, and develop preventive measures. These exams include comprehensive physical examinations, health screenings, and discussions about lifestyle choices and health goals.

Physicals (Works/School/Sports)

We offer physical examinations tailored to specific requirements, such as for work, school, or sports participation. Our healthcare providers ensure that individuals meet the necessary health standards and address any concerns that may affect their ability to perform their duties or participate in physical activities safely.

Women's Health/Gynecological Services

We provide specialized care for women’s health needs, including gynecological services. Our healthcare providers offer a wide range of services, including routine screenings, contraceptive counseling, prenatal care, menopause management, and addressing specific women’s health concerns.
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At Sunshine Medical Wellness Center, we take pride in offering exceptional primary care services to patients of all ages, ranging from newborns to the geriatric population.

At Sunshine Medical Wellness Center, we believe that establishing a strong and trusted relationship with our patients is essential. Our primary care services are delivered with a patient-centered approach, emphasizing open communication, active listening, and personalized care plans. We strive to empower our patients to actively participate in their own healthcare journey, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of care and support. Trust us to be your partners in achieving and maintaining optimal health at every stage of life.